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Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationships challenges controlling you emotions, fears of being abandoned or left alone, or low self esteem and self worth? Choices Therapeutic Services is here to help you build skills to feel more confident managing these struggles, and to find peace and connection with yourself and others. 

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Individual Therapy 

Group Therapy 

Couples Workshops 

Individual therapy is useful for many types of situations that can cause stress, depression,  anger, grief, trauma or conflict. During the initial individual therapy session, I learn about why you are seeking therapy and work with you to develop a  plan that meets your needs.  Each session will  allow you talk through problems or situations and learn tools needed to cope through your problems more appropriately. 

Our group therapy will bring individuals together who struggle with similar issues. A typical group therapy session requires individuals to commit for a certain number of sessions which can vary from weeks to months.  Individuals share their emotional and personal problems within the group. It is  a space for individuals to connect and support one another. No one is coerced into taking part, the idea being that you will open up as your confidence in the group setting builds.

Our workshops are an excellent way to strengthen a marriage or a long-term committed relationship. Workshops are not a substitute for couples’ therapy but they can provide a great alternative for those who want to learn better communication skills; enhance quality time and resolve disagreements.  

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group 

DBT skills groups are psychoeducational in nature and are more like a class than traditional psychotherapeutic group. The curriculum induces four primary modules; Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion, Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness. Clients cannot opt to solely attend group since the research demonstrates that DBT is most effective when there are both individual DBT sessions and DBT skills group. 

Group Therapy for Teens 

Is your teen currently seeing a therapist, or considering therapy?  Group therapy for teens provides a welcoming and supportive environment  for them to express themselves.   Group therapy brings teenagers  together who struggle with similar issues, like depression, anxiety, low self esteem, or anger.  Group therapy is an option that teens in particular should consider because it is an effective way to increase confidence and improve communication skills. 

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Responding to COVID-19
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During such an unprecedented time it can be hard to remember what normalcy looks like. We are offering both in person and virtual therapy sessions to those in Virginia that are trying to cope through this crisis. Remember this is not a “new normal”.




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