Individual Therapy 

People often decide to decide to pursue individual therapy in order to work through something in their life that is bothering them or not allowing them to live their fullest. I work with individuals, helping them to change whatever is holding them back and to behave in a way that is in line with their values and their true emotions.  In individual therapy, the change occurs through the relationship with the therapist, and as this relationship develops we are able to uncover new ways of thinking and being.

Some of the topics that we can address in individual therapy include:


  • Anxiety and/or depression

  • Dealing with major transitions

  • Healing from the end of a relationship

  • Strengthening self esteem

  • Overcoming shyness or social anxiety

  • Grief

  • Trauma and abuse 

  • Stress from work or family conflict

  • Feeling lost or unmotivated

Group Therapy 

Group Therapy is also a fully safe and confidential form of psychotherapy. In Group Therapy, individuals discuss things in a peer-rich, supportive, group environment with a therapist controlling and facilitating the discussion. The group setting provides a safe area to practice and reinforce new behaviours which, it is hoped, will lead to a lasting change.

A typical group therapy session requires individuals to commit for a certain number of sessions which can vary from weeks to months. The make-up of the groups can be fixed - for example, married couples  only or teenagers only - or not. Individuals share their emotional and personal problems within the group. No one is coerced into taking part, the idea being that you will open up as your confidence in the group setting builds.

Dialectical Behavior Skills Group

DBT skills groups are psychoeducational in nature and are more like a class than traditional psychotherapeutic group. The curriculum induces four primary modules; Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion, Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness. Clients cannot opt to solely attend group since the research demonstrates that DBT is most effective when there are both individual DBT sessions and DBT skills group. Each module is roughly 6-8 weeks and $50 per session. 

Group Therapy for Teen

Is your teen currently seeing a therapist, or considering therapy? Many people know about individual therapy, but have never heard about group therapy for teens.  Group therapy brings teenagers  together who struggle with similar issues, like depression, anxiety, emotion regulation, or interpersonal skills, for example. It is a space for participants to connect and support one another, while learning beneficial skills from an experienced therapist. Group therapy is an option that teens in particular should consider. It can be exponentially more effective for teens than just individual therapy

Couples Workshops 

Workshops are an excellent way to enhance a marriage or a long-term committed relationship.  They are not a substitute for couples’ therapy but they can provide a great springboard for those who want to learn better communication skills and resolve disagreements fastest; lean who to spend quality time together; are struggling to listen and understand each other, and keep having the same conversations over and over; want an alternative to counseling that focuses on skills and tools that you can implement right away.